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The benefits of nature's miracle olive oil have been well known since ancient times. Pure olive oil on its own is one of the biggest beauty secrets. Pure olive oil contains major antioxidants that cleanse, moisturize and protect the skin. These antioxidants are, by their very nature, cell rejuvenating, skin firming and moisturizing, and provide a healthy appearance to the skin and hair. Pure olive oil helps the skin to look younger and flawless. Using only 100% pure olive oil and pressing it in soap production requires a certain experience and special equipment. Our soaps are obtained from the highest quality 100% pure olive oil of Edremit Region. Green soaps that claim to be olive oil are actually made from olive oil pulp; real olive oil soaps should be between green and white in color.

The mixtures prepared using the most special and exclusive olive oil blend and natural ingredients are tested by our expert staff according to international standards. After the tests, the soaps are passed through the atomizer, dried at a humidity of 17-22% and made ready to be processed into pasta. Unlike the cold production process, the hot production process offers high performance soaps with very well blended ingredients. For this reason, we carry out hot production in order to produce more effective soaps. In our hot production process, the ingredients are exposed to heat and cooked while in the saponification process, excess water evaporates and the remaining ingredients (olive oil, botanical herbs and essences) are fully harmonized for an effective and enjoyable bathing experience. The moisture balance of our soaps goes through the softening and drying process prepared with a special formula. Soaps are made into chips. During mixing, herbal extracts are added to soap chips and then processed by kneading and crushing. Then, the soaps are pressed by weight, shaped and left on the shelves for a day. Soaps that are deemed to be suitable are taken to the packaging process. Packaging is done by hand by our expert staff.