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About Us

Korkut Yag Soap Industry is a subsidiary of Olivos Group, which is Turkey's export leader in packaged olive oil. Korkut Oil Soap Industry has been serving for more than 10 years. Korkut Yag Soap Industry continues its production in its facility established in Edremit. Edremit is known for its traditional olive oil soap production culture since ancient times, when Turkey's best olive oil was produced and the region was known as Pidasus. The reason why our factory is strategically located in Edremit is to preserve the freshness of olive oil and present it to quality lovers in its most fresh and natural form, from its natural environment to bathrooms. Korkut Yag Soap Industry has been handed down from generation to generation as a traditional soap factory. In our factory, special soaps are prepared in accordance with international standards with the latest technology and the extensive experience of our expert team.

Olivos olive oil soaps are produced from handmade 100% pure olive oil that relaxes your body and soul. Natural olive oil soaps that serve high quality and healthy life require high quality ingredients and expert knowledge. Naturalness and creativity are the core values ​​of the Olivos brand. Olivos 100% olive oil soaps and packaging are handmade. Olivos makes use of the most exclusive blend of Edremit Region in the production of unique olive oil soaps. The performance of Olivos soaps is very high for both hair and skin care. Our natural essence soaps produced from a unique blend of pure olive oil; It is unique in the soap industry with both content and packaging designs. Olivos is proud to offer carefully produced soaps that combine quality with naturalness. Olivos' goal is to produce 100% pure and natural olive oil soaps. Olivos is proud to produce quality soaps that are lovingly produced for you, care for the skin and hair, deeply clean, and offer a unique bathing pleasure for your skin and soul.